True Romance



I love this! True romance really is in the gesture!!! Although we may have the finest things in life, if we fail to see the value of the gestures and simply act of kindness from those we love then we do not see the meaning of a true romance or true love.

With the influence of society, many of us have expectation for others to meet before we let our guard down. I think it’s okay to do so but don’t be so harsh about it and make it unrealistic for the other person to meet your expectation. When we value our expectation far too high, we fail to see the person for who they are.

When I was younger, my ideal expectation of a relationship was totally unrealistic and is a challenge for others. Looking back I realized that there are certain things that are unnecessary and not even worth making a big deal over. However, at the time, I guess it was important. I notice that as we age, our preference and expectation change according to time. I have more experience now and know what is workable for me and what doesn’t. Also what qualities do I values more in a person and what are the things which I can put up with. Once I know more and more about myself, dating become easier. I can eliminate the dating process faster then before because I know what kind of person’s character work best with me.

I am big on L O V E! And you probably know that by now. Most of my post are surround by it. I am a firm believer that if you have love and empathy in your heart, nothing will go wrong. If we learn to act on the simple gesture of love towards others, it will be return with kindness and beyond what we can ask for. Give it a try for a day, a week, a month and when you notice the result then continues to practice. I think it is great nurture for the soul and it will makes you happy!


Happy Thursday Everyone!




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