All Good Things



Rhinda Byrne said that we deserve all good things life has to offer …

However, sometime I feel like all good things life has to offer, sometime, is taking away from us and seem like we don’t deserve all good things that life has to offer.

I said that because… as you have known, mother’s day has just pass yesterday. It’s been 7 long years since my mother is gone but every mother’s day, I am drowning in sadness because I wish she was here to share the special day with. It is a challenge each year for me.

I realize that I am feeling so much sadness after quite some year has pass because I haven’t really move on. I was afraid of losing sight of her; the image of her; a sense of no longer connecting to her. I was told by siblings and others that it is okay to let go and move on; as she will always be a part of me. Is it really true?

I know it will always be a challenge for me; even when I move on, because the only person that was irreplaceable is not here. I am slowly moving on at my own pace. While I reflected back to those moments we both had shared, and the future of what I will be missing, I am truly bless to have her for 21 years of my life.

Going back to Rhonda’s quote. I think that she is somewhat right. However, sometime all good things doesn’t mean we will have them with us. Good things happen after it’s been taken away from us. I think that without the death of my mother’s, I will not be able to see life the way I have now. I will not learn to appreciated the role of others who play a part in my life or have came into my life; whether they decided to stay in my life or not. She open my eyes to all the good things in life; with meaning.

The truth is… you deserve all good things life has to offer … and … how you make of the good or bad, it is the meaning you live by that makes your life worth living.

I am proud to be your daughter and glad to have a mother’s like you. Happy Mother’s Day, MOM!





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