Maleficent |Angelina Jolie



The movie sure capture a different perspective of the story “Sleeping Beauty”.

As I was watching the film it raise thoughts of our society and how we allow society to influence us; the greed and the love of a human heart. After the movie is over and we were coming home, I told Nws that this is another empowerment movie well done.

It feature the role of males and females in society through the character, connection and relationship of Maleficent and King Stefan. Men are always seen as the perpetrator and took advantage of women during their most vulnerable time. Women allow themselves to fall easily into the arm of a man and naive to believed everything a man told them. At the end, their trust in goodness was rip off of them and change them or their perspective in life forever.

The POWER struggle the Kingdoms wants in the movie was a strong reflection on our society. There is a hunger for more due to curiosity and how one country always wants to be more powerful then the other. This created the rise of protection and revenge in everyone as there is no end to war or battles.

Maleficent’s character play many roles and I can see these things reflect through her character. I can see the innocent of youth in her, as the protector, the villain, and most importantly no matter what life throw at her, there are still a tiny of goodness in her heart. Her role evolved from being good to bad, and bad to good. It really does take the good of another human to make someone in the darkness to realize that not everyone is bad and out to hurt them.

Other point make through the movie is the power of “True Love”. Just like “Frozen,” true love doesn’t always mean that it suppose to come from the men. The form of true love can come from anyone and the kiss of true love can be done by your grandmother, mother, aunties, sisters, friends, or anyone who hold true in their hearts towards you.

Don’t want to give away all the good details. A MUST SEE MOVIE because it tells the tail of the other side of the story that is never been told. There is always two side to a story.


(P.S — Thanks for taking me and going with me! ❤ )


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