Affirmation of the DAY!

This is my affirmation of the day. Recently I have been rough on myself or rough on the relationships I have with others. I know that it feel great to be in control but sometime when we try to control too much of the relationship, we fail to acknowledge the other person in the relationship; whether the relationship is with a love one, your parents, siblings or friends.

For me, I think I have a fear of being imperfect. I strive so hard and challenge myself daily to be the best I can be. I feel that I have no excuse to be the best I can be. I have high expectation for myself and those around me. I know that I am not near prefect but it doesn’t hard to try. Then problem occurred for misunderstanding when others failed to live up to my expectation because excuse were not acceptable.

I also failed to acknowledge that each person function differently. My expectation is different from others and so are theirs from mine. I constantly remind myself of this but sometime, when your emotion kick in then nothing make sense and no logic at all will help under emotionally stress.

It is a challenge to understand peoples’ difference at time. When one person is in their defense mode, no matter how you willing to communicate to them, there is no chance of getting through to them at all.

As the quoted stated above, I needs to stop trying to control relationships and just learn to let it go, let it be… entrusted that everything will work out on it’s own and just fulfill my part.



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