Garden of Friendship

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In your garden of friendship, do you have someone who knows you so well that the bond you have with her/him is inseparable?

I have one! She is the most beautiful flower in my garden of friendship. I have known her for 7 years this past May. I never really talk about her because in a sense, I feel she doesn’t deserve that place. However, as I am thinking back and reflecting back to the 7 years I have came to known her, I know that she has earn and deserved that place in my garden of friendship.

She is the kind of friend anyone will wants to have. No words can describe and express her love and friendship to me. To put in a few short words, she is full of love and she embrace her love without expecting anything in return. She will comfort you doing your down moments and cheer you up with hopes. She is like a sister from another mother.

All my life, I have had many friends but no one has ever come close to the kind of friendship and have the love she has for me. During the past 7 years, we have disappointment, fought one another, upset and being harsh with love to one another but somehow, we will come together at the end of that tough journey to forgive one another.

At time, in the past, I feel that she doesn’t deserve the title “best friend” because I feel like she doesn’t have my best interested. However, I fail to see the love behind her behavior and action. Even tho she doesn’t behavior or act in the way I want her to act, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t act with love towards me. We have sooo many bad moments that torn us apart and we said hurtful things to one another. Thinking back to those moments, I am blessed that those bad moments makes us stronger as friends. It show me how wonderful she is as a person and how bless I am to have her.

ANYHOW, a few ago, I turn 29. My birthday weekend was on the weekend of my final and I was not able to celebrate with her. Sweet as usual, she always know how to make me feel special. We hang out at her place on the follow weekend. She got me cupcake, pinks balloon and flowers. During that weekend, a lots was going through my mind. And I finally told her that she is my best friend because I cannot think of anyone better than her. I got all emotions and thank her for her love through out the past 7 years. I also met a new friend who is way younger then me and her. I told them both that I wants them to be good friend as I am getting older and cannot do the spontaneous things I used to do with my friend. It was a great weekend of relaxing with them too and coming to realize the goods things in my life. I am BLESSED!


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