“Xauv” | Lock


This photo is fascinating! What do you see?

Was browsing for some Miao Hmong silver online and came across this on pinterest. I notices that there is a lock on it (or look like one). My parents, grandparents and aunt has always been telling me and my siblings stories of the time when Hmong were still living in China and how the “Xauv” necklace jewelry was born.

Back then, the “Xauv” (literally mean lock) was a symbol to segregate Hmong from Suav (Chinese). Every one wear a “Xauv” so Suav know that the individual belong to the Hmong ethnic and not Suav. As centuries pass, it become a piece of jewelry fashion for all Hmong women to wear. Some Hmong men still wear it back in the old days or in China.

This is just one piece of the many amazing stories the elders pass down from Hmong history to their descendants.


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