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Nyob zoo! Hello and welcome!

I am a Hmong American; currently living in North California. I love traveling and capturing little details of my daily life. I believed that life is what you make of it and anything can be change as long as we willing to make the effort to change ourselves or the circumstance in our life. I am trying everyday to make a little change at a time. Life has so much to offer, learning is endlessly and I’m an excited individual who wants to explore the world as much as I can; always on the look out for great amazing opportunity to be a part of.

Things I enjoy doing during my spare time and trying to fill my time with productivity is through volunteering to help the community, fruit carving and decoration, social networking, as well as sewing Hmong custom outfit for the sisters, cousins and friends for the Hmong New Year.

This blog is full of random things and thoughts to share with the world from my eyes and perspective in life. I do make mistakes upon writing these blogs so forgive me if something doesn’t make sense to you. Every one is entitled to an opinions so feel free to disagreed with me on any concepts and contents.

My mind is a mind of curiosity and wonder so I definitely would love to hear from YOU! Leave me a comment below or send me a message via “Contact” tab.


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2 thoughts on “The Blogger

  1. Hello & thanks for the subscription! It’s a rare find and treat to meet another fellow Hmong woman who is so like-minded with my love for traveling and seeing the beauty in all the little things. I too, am here on wordpress to share my thoughts, perspectives, questions, and musings of all the little things that comes with being a Hmong woman in this day and age. It is great to meet you and I look forward to exchanging ideas, thoughts, & reflections! 🙂


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