Hitting the BIG 3.0s


I finally reach a milestone, the BIG 3.0, a few months ago and never thought it will get here this soon. Bye to the 20s and hello 30s! Time to build.

I do hope that with ages, will come experiences, knowledges and wisdoms for personal growth.

Here are a few things I did over the years and a few things in my bucket list that I will love to do in the next 30 years. What’s your list like?As I reflected on the last 30 years of experiences in my life (the things and places I see, visited and have done), altho many has been achieved and experienced, I cannot wait for what the future hold in store for me to discover. I did not think that the BIG 30 will get here so soon. Cheer to 30s!

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Mesmerize About The Past

2013 - lunchWe were told not to dwell in the past but sometime you cannot help yourself.

Lately I have been dwell in the past, my past. Since facebook has the feature of “Memories look back on today” from years ago. I was able to see what I did a few years ago.

“OH those happy moments!!!”

They seem so real but at the same time, just a memories. Where has it gone? And what happen?

Today about 2 yrs ago, as stated in my status post, “the handsome one and I went to lunch before we head out to wine tasting in Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg.”

It is bittersweet memory that I will forever cherish. I don’t know how he and I came to be the way we are. It’s been 9 months since we went our own way. I believed he has move on himself as I am allowing myself to move on too. Like they said “TIME” will heal the wound and give time, someone will come along and put all the broken piece together.

I am thankful for the experiences; to love, the memories, the many places we had travel and visit, and the lessons we have share with one another. I think that without it, I will not become the person I am.

2013 - wineAs I mesmerize about my past, a part of me is sadden that two wonderful and amazing persons cannot work out their differences. And a part of me wish him well and that he will be love in the way that I was not able to do so to fulfil his happiness.

Like the saying goes… “If we are meant to be, faith will lead us back to be in each other’s arm again” in the future.

I Am My Rescue!

I was enlightened and touch by Lisa Nichols’s video clip on Steve Harvey’s show.

Through the years, I have been at rock bottom so many time and it was that decision Lisa mentioned that makes me continues to work hard towards my dream. I am glad to say that I am about to reach a milestone in my life that I have been dreaming about achieving it for so long. The journey has been long, fill with many challenges and struggles, however; I never give up pursuing something that I have the desire for it.

Let Lisa Nichols’ words inspire you to rescue yourself. Remember that while you are uplifting others, don’t forget to uplift yourself along the way to success and greatness.

Happy 2 Years Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

As I came on to wordpress today to blog about something else and I saw a notification that it is my 2 years anniversary on wordpress. I remember that I start blogging back in 2012 around march but did not know the exact date.

It has been two long years for me and fill with quiet a few memorable blog posts that help me recall the last two years. I start out the blog on collecting piece of arts that will fit into what is called “hmong chic” style for my future wedding…. he he he. Then it turn into recapping little things I find on the internet that is interesting to me. I blog about my past love experience, the lies I been told to by men and the pain that come after. I talked about my thoughts and emotions and the growth that I develop over the years as well as the little life lesson that I learned. I have fallen in love and went  through a break up. I know how a broken heart felt like and how emotionally drained a break can take on a person. I went through a stage of wondering “what if…” this or that happen, will I be in a better place. I do a lots of reflecting back to my past for personal growth, to understand what I did wrong so I can improve myself and my mistakes.

Today, I came back on here because I wants to write a reflection piece of my past. I have came to accepted my wrong doing so I can move forward. So look forward to that one up head.

There have been so many thing come and go; things change and so do people. It’s been two amazing years to reflected on and remember by. Happy 2 years Anniversary Unforgettable Adventures and cheer to two and more incredible years to come!

Jobs Hunting

Hello world!

It’s surprise me that each time I try to write something out on this blog, I tense to start off with this ” I have been busy…”. Feel like an excuse, isn’t it? lolz… Anyway, I have!!! LIFE always has it’s ups and downs on me. The last few blogs, I have stated about my stress and how to cope with it. I can tell you that I didn’t do such a good job on it either whether coping with it or just take it out on someone else through frustration.

I have been really uptight with the boyfriend due to my level of stress and we have had many miss-communication. Yes, I did apology to him for my behavior and the way I have act. We are slowly working out our problem(s). He has no idea how much I appreciated his patience with me because he has put up a lots with me. I adore and love him very much for who he is and what he has done for me. Definitely we will continues to work together to overcome any obstacle that come our way.

Well, the JOBS HUNTING!!! My contract with the Americorps program is ending next month (August) and I refused to renewal it for another terms. I cannot committed myself to another 12 months because of being afraid a better opportunity will come and then I’m lock in with the contract. I want to venture out to something that is field study related to my major which is Business Administration with the concentration in Finance. I don’t know how many people will be out of job or is out of job and currently looking but I have my share of it. I have been jobs hunting for the last two months like a crazy mad woman and luckily was able to get two interviews out of (lets said maybe) 50+ job applications.

I just went to an interview today; right after I just turn 28 years old yesterday and I feel pretty good about it. I drove 2 hours to the interview which is located the Sonoma County from where I lived then drove 3 hours and 30 mins back home cutting through horrible accident and traffic. Seem like the interview process went well. I was offer to go to an orientation and training this Monday. The training will start on this coming Tuesday; for maybe like a month and a half. After training, I will have to pass through an audition, background check and drug test to be consider for the position. Its going to be outside of my usual consideration for jobs but it will definitely be a new change in direction where career opportunities will take me and it can be with endless possibility.

I am very exciting for this and praying that everything will continues to turn out well. It is such a tough time for me and everyone who is jobs seeking to get interview and actually land the position. Please keep me in your praying thought whether it’s this job or other jobs. Take care of yourself, your loves one until next blog.  Have a great night!

Estate Crush Lodi Appellation


For the past two years, I have been so into wine tasting. Been looking for any good wine tasting deal on Living Social. Last year, I purchase a few deals on living social and the last wine tasting voucher was to expire this month (Feb. 2013). I just recent introduce to a man through a blind date which a mutual friend set us up. So I thought it would be a great idea for him and I to get together and spend a day doing wine tasting in Lodi, California.



This pass Saturday (Jan. 27, 2103), He and I went to spend the whole Sunday afternoon in Lodi, California; enjoy our afternoon wine tasting at Estate Crush Appellation. I purchase this wine tasting deal in Lodi for $23 which included wine tasting for two with two souvenir glasses and a bottle of wine. We gets to taste over 12 different varies of wine with the highest alcohol  percentage of 16. The wines were paired with some cheese and cracker for a better taste and to erase the taste before we try a new wine. Wine tasting was his first time going to wine tasting and he thought it wasn’t so bad. I end up taking the Estate Crush Chardonnay wine as the bottle to take home that come with the deal. It was the best one I like out of the 12+ wine we taste.


35533_10151373877551263_1017887351_nThe wine tasting room looks like a wine bar and restaurant; quite elegant. However, the downfall is, they don’t served foods. If foods were served along with their wine would be a totally awesome experiences cause the room was nice. Beside the bar, there were two long table set with black chairs; clear window with lots of light shine through into the wine tasting room. The wine servers were quite knowledge also they have a “Wine Bible” books which can also educated us on wine. Furthermore, they were able to answer our questions and educated on simple stuff as tasting the wine.

After that we went to downtown Lodi and walk around for a bit then head back to Sacramento for dinner at Fuji Sushi in Elk Grove. It was a well spend afternoon into the evening with him and also gets to experience wine in Lodi; so close to home, within driving distance.