Hitting the BIG 3.0s


I finally reach a milestone, the BIG 3.0, a few months ago and never thought it will get here this soon. Bye to the 20s and hello 30s! Time to build.

I do hope that with ages, will come experiences, knowledges and wisdoms for personal growth.

Here are a few things I did over the years and a few things in my bucket list that I will love to do in the next 30 years. What’s your list like?As I reflected on the last 30 years of experiences in my life (the things and places I see, visited and have done), altho many has been achieved and experienced, I cannot wait for what the future hold in store for me to discover. I did not think that the BIG 30 will get here so soon. Cheer to 30s!

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Random Thought: Hmong Men


Random thought of the moment:

I notices that attention has been given to the Hmong women a whole lots now a day because they have incline in social status by far more then the Hmong men has. It doesn’t mean that the Hmong men isn’t.

Lets remember NOT to used this as a stereotype judgement towards any Hmong males and lets not devalues them by any mean.

I have four amazing brothers who I truly love and with each day, they are making discovering and slowly achieving their goals each passing days; whether the goal is as small as a piece of hair or as big as the universe.

Therefore…whether you know me or not, I AM EXTREMELY PROUD of all the positive things you’re doing for yourself and society. Thank you for just being YOU. ♥