Hitting the BIG 3.0s


I finally reach a milestone, the BIG 3.0, a few months ago and never thought it will get here this soon. Bye to the 20s and hello 30s! Time to build.

I do hope that with ages, will come experiences, knowledges and wisdoms for personal growth.

Here are a few things I did over the years and a few things in my bucket list that I will love to do in the next 30 years. What’s your list like?As I reflected on the last 30 years of experiences in my life (the things and places I see, visited and have done), altho many has been achieved and experienced, I cannot wait for what the future hold in store for me to discover. I did not think that the BIG 30 will get here so soon. Cheer to 30s!

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2014 Highglights

My highlights of 2014:

  • New job (a step closer to where I wants to be)Try
  • Lebanon foods (experience with nws at a local restaurant in Sacramento; kinda small but good experience, great foods)
  • Magic Marketing Workshop
  • Hmong Women Today Retreat at Harmony Ridge Lodge, Nevada City
  • Hmoob Thoj rooj mov khi tes
  • Fundraiser Event for ‘The Hmongstory 40 Exhibit’
  • Travel to San Diego (first time being there, and love it)
  • Amador Cellar; Behind the cellar door fest (Wine tasting pass in Amador county; tasty goods and great wine with my two little ladies; gotta do it again but next time go earlier because too many wineries to visit)
  • Pro Bono – Hmong Seniors Class at Hmong Women Heritage Association (teach edible fruits carving & arrangement; basic).
  • Sacramento Zoo (spend with two cute kiddos, their first time at a zoo)
  • Morocc foods (experience w/ BBF at a local restaurant; great experience and foods; definitely worth the experience; dancers entertainment is included if dine on Friday and Saturday)
  • Santa Cruz Boardwalk (visiting my brother w/ cousins and bring back memories of nws thiab kuv)
  • Save Mart GRAPE ESCAPE (great wine and foods; definitely worth the $$$; will do it again in 2015)
  • Yosemite National Park (First time there and love it)
  • Miss Hmong South CA Banquet
  • Lake Berryessa getaway
  • New Hmong name (my dad gave me a new Hmong name on my BDAY; his new trend for his kids)
  • Salinas, Monterey and Carmel getaway
  • Pro Bono (edible fruits arrangement set up for Steve Ly’s Luau Party for Elk Grove City Council election)
  • Spartan Race (Super)
  • Halloween (my half-siblings first Halloween trick-or-treat)
  • 2004 Honda Civic LX (bye to my old car of 11 yrs)
  • 2014 Honda Accord Coupe L-S (brought a new car; another bill adding to my list of expense)
  • Limousine & Wine Tasting (great experience, gotta do it again)
  • Volunteer (Assist coordinated SHNY pageant)
  • School (2 more classes to go until graduation…yayyy!)
I’m blessed for everything that come into my life and those on it’s way; the goods and the bads. 2014 been a journey of challenge; mentally, emotionally, and physically! I’m thankful for the experiences and I’m excited for 2015! What’s up next?

I am Closer

“Door of opportunities is always there. We don’t see it because of lack of determination. Luck will only be on our side when we are taking actions. And God seem to be helping you when you are helping yourself. When you think the road has come to an end, there is no way out and if you give up then that is the end of everything. However, if you continues to seek and make small progress at a time for change, the impossible can be possible with time. I may not be there yet but I am closer than I was yesterday. Today, the future is looking promising at my end.”

This is my status update today on facebook. You can said I am quite happy today due to certain things that happen.

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My Brother

“We crashed heads often as siblings, but when it comes down to it I know you’re willing to sacrifice anything for me. I hope things are going well with work and school. you’re an aspired young women, it’s just a matter of time to make it happen. hold yourself accountable for the things you believe in. :)” ~ Thong Vang (my second youngest brother)

I am blessed to have such wonderful and amazing siblings who always have the sincere thought of me.

The quote above was taken from my Facebook wall post. He post it on my wall. I guess he has been stress out a bit lately and tonight, he wrote each of his siblings (us) a comment post on each of our wall.

Thong has become such a wise young man and a responsible one too. He has grown so much over the years and I am very proud of the young man he has become.  He is currently a college student, a freshman, at UC Santa Cruz. This kid is passionate and always caring, wanting to do more to better others as well as inspire them. When he was in high school, he was involved in many school activity; joins clubs, sports and maintain his grades. I know that we have been harsh on the younger siblings but by seeing the person they have become makes us extremely proud. All the hard work of being the older siblings is pay off, you can said. He is a bright kids and he has a bright future ahead of him.

Don’t be stress and know that we, your siblings, love you a lots and wants you to succeed!!! I BELIEVED IN YOU! ♥

I am extremely thankful for my mother’s precious gift. She has given me six wonderful, caring and loving siblings that nothing in this world can ever replace. Thank you for each of yours unconditional love, support, and encouragement.

What is life likes growing up with your siblings? your bonding? Feel free to share your story through the comment section. I likes to hear from you.