Foods For The Soul: “Peace and Happiness”

Foods for the Soul:

When you say “I love you” it means “I can offer you true peace and happiness”. In order to be able to offer them, you must already be able to offer them to yourself.

Source: Thich Nhat Hanh


Yes, It Does Existed

In one of my previous blog, I mention about how discouraging marriage is and I also mention about reading those miserable crazy Hmong stories from those three different pages (“Hmong”, “IAmHmongBeauty” and “Hmong Advice & Stories”) on Facebook. Remember that post ( to see previous post)?

Well, I got creative and thought I will send in a story of my own. A story that will give hopes, insight and encourage others to find a purpose in marriage rather then just let all the failing marriages around them scared them to death (although I am scared to death myself…lolz).

Since most of the stories on those three page on facebook was so discourage about marriage, I decided to write a fictional (fake) happy marriage story and send it in. I send it in through email on 9/18/12 and it was post on their page the next day 9/19/12 (just this week). Read my fictional story and the comments from others facebook users by clicking on here : Yes, It Does Existed! 

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The Future is so Promising

“Isn’t it wonderful to have your life on track or back on track regardless all the downfall? One little achievement a day, at a time…Today, I feel like the future is so promising at my end.”

The past few years since my mother pass away has really drained energy out of me. Blaming life on the lost of my mother would be completely wrong but portion of it because of me; for losing hopes for the futures  and lacking the motivation to strive for my passion, goals and dreams in life.

I’m sure everyone has their ups and downs through life and there are so many obstacles been thrown at each of you. However, it is the will of the individual to refrain themselves, restore the energy back to them, redefine who they are and the passion or purpose in life in order for them to continues to pursue their dreams or goals. I praised people who are strong and brave because they have the strengths and courage to pull themselves up from the many down fall. They know the happy side where they once was and wants to bring that sense of happiness or sunshine back into their life once again.

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My Amazing Friend

This past Christmas, my very good dear friend has gave me two jewelry rings as Christmas gift; wishing for me to find love in the coming year (2012). Now a flower ring to reinforce that blessing.

After 5-6 LONG LONG LONG years of knowing each other and she finally give me a flower ring after given me a flower bridal bouquet! And in my heart, I have always said YES! lolz

She is such an amazing friend, woman and person in my life. Who had always go out of her way to fill my days with wonderful things and kind love, care and joy. Every step of the way in my love life, she had always charm me and bring me blessing…blessing me to scored with the next man who walk into my life… lolz. Her little thoughts of me in every possible creative way is priceless. I cannot be more blessful than to have her as a friend in my life. Thank you to your unconditional friendship, love and care. I will forever treasure those moments I have spend together with you through our friendship and you will always have a place in my heart regardless where the future takes us to different part of the earth.

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One Chance

Random thought:

“Thaum yus txoj hmoo zoo los ze ze lawm mas zoo li yus lub siab nrhia nrhia…tsis paub tias nrhia rau qhov zoo los yog qhov phem vim ntshai tsam hom tsis mus raws li yus txoj kev xav.”

Have there been time where good fortune was getting closer and closer to you, your heart starts to beat…not knowing if this heart beat is beating for the goodness to come or the pain to come, with the thought of fear that things might not go as you think it should be?

That’s what I am feeling tonight. At this very moment; playing this questioning in my head over and over again. Making me wonder with confusion and at the same time happiness. I feel like LIFE is actually moving forward in my favorite. Everything seem to move into place this year without much worry or delay in the choices I decided to make. However, there is a bit precautions in the back of my mind. Is that normal? lolz

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