I Am My Rescue!

I was enlightened and touch by Lisa Nichols’s video clip on Steve Harvey’s show.

Through the years, I have been at rock bottom so many time and it was that decision Lisa mentioned that makes me continues to work hard towards my dream. I am glad to say that I am about to reach a milestone in my life that I have been dreaming about achieving it for so long. The journey has been long, fill with many challenges and struggles, however; I never give up pursuing something that I have the desire for it.

Let Lisa Nichols’ words inspire you to rescue yourself. Remember that while you are uplifting others, don’t forget to uplift yourself along the way to success and greatness.


Yes, It Does Existed

In one of my previous blog, I mention about how discouraging marriage is and I also mention about reading those miserable crazy Hmong stories from those three different pages (“Hmong”, “IAmHmongBeauty” and “Hmong Advice & Stories”) on Facebook. Remember that post ( to see previous post)?

Well, I got creative and thought I will send in a story of my own. A story that will give hopes, insight and encourage others to find a purpose in marriage rather then just let all the failing marriages around them scared them to death (although I am scared to death myself…lolz).

Since most of the stories on those three page on facebook was so discourage about marriage, I decided to write a fictional (fake) happy marriage story and send it in. I send it in through email on 9/18/12 and it was post on their page the next day 9/19/12 (just this week). Read my fictional story and the comments from others facebook users by clicking on here : Yes, It Does Existed! 

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Random Thought: Hmong Men


Random thought of the moment:

I notices that attention has been given to the Hmong women a whole lots now a day because they have incline in social status by far more then the Hmong men has. It doesn’t mean that the Hmong men isn’t.

Lets remember NOT to used this as a stereotype judgement towards any Hmong males and lets not devalues them by any mean.

I have four amazing brothers who I truly love and with each day, they are making discovering and slowly achieving their goals each passing days; whether the goal is as small as a piece of hair or as big as the universe.

Therefore…whether you know me or not, I AM EXTREMELY PROUD of all the positive things you’re doing for yourself and society. Thank you for just being YOU. ♥



What a great piece of blog and advices to the ladies! I’m re-blogging to share with others.

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In Defense of the Beta Man

As a single man, I find it particularly…

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