I Am My Rescue!

I was enlightened and touch by Lisa Nichols’s video clip on Steve Harvey’s show.

Through the years, I have been at rock bottom so many time and it was that decision Lisa mentioned that makes me continues to work hard towards my dream. I am glad to say that I am about to reach a milestone in my life that I have been dreaming about achieving it for so long. The journey has been long, fill with many challenges and struggles, however; I never give up pursuing something that I have the desire for it.

Let Lisa Nichols’ words inspire you to rescue yourself. Remember that while you are uplifting others, don’t forget to uplift yourself along the way to success and greatness.


Love is my Religion

Morning thought while driving home from work:

Altho I mighta been raised through traditional (shamanism) religion belief, I think I have a little of Christ in me. I been listening to “The Fish” Christian radio station in my car every day for the past two months and it is so smoothing to my soul as well as uplifting.

I always heard people said that those who are not Christian is going to hell when they die and if they don’t believed in Christ then they are not good people???

With that thought, a good person is good due to their logic conscious decision that they decided to do what is RIGHT from wrong. It probably has nothing to due with their religions. I had met ppl from all sort of religions belief and their common goal is to bring the goodness to humility only.

Therefore which is why LOVE is my religion. I may not know you but if you treated me with kindness and love, I will not fail to return the same. For it is LOVE with care that allow us to offer our kindness to others even if they are a stranger.

I must said, I have awesome parents who shade lights into my eyes through their wisdom, knowledge and struggle. If it’s not them, I will not have the hard core values I do; to become the better being I am. Ua tsaug rau kuv niam thiab kuv txiv neb txoj kev qhuab qhia. ♥


Until next time, take care of yourself and those you love. Smile often! And don’t forget to record daily memories through the camera of your eyes and thoughts. ♥